Our approach

We collaborate with young men to help them reach the academic and personal goals they set for themselves. We provide these young men with support, guidance, and empathy to help build relationships with them and to help them grow into confident, independent, and well rounded young men.

We challenge the young men we work with and push them to grow beyond their limits so that they can succeed and exceed their expectations. The young men we work with individually will be given opportunities to explore their interests and new opportunities. The young men participating in our group will be given the chance to learn leadership and critical thinking skills, to experience new things, and the opportunity learn, grow, and prosper in group environments.

  • We use motivational interviewing to help establish relationships and to help the young men identify their goals
  • We help hold the young men accountable for their actions to help them to achieve the goals they set for themselves
  • We model positive communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and problem solving skills to help young men become well adjusted adults
  • While working with the young men we teach them how build and maintain relationships and how to set appropriate boundaries with the people in their lives

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