Who I am and Why I’m here

My name is Johntavious and I am a Licensed Master of Social Work. It has always been my goal to give back to my community. For a while that was just some vague notion in the past, but now that desire is beginning to take root and grow into something real. I want to give back and support the people of my community like the various people who guided and shaped me in my youth.

This is scary and new for me, but it is necessary for my growth and potentially the growth of the young men and women in my community. I want the youth of my community to have the best chance they can at success. To do that it is also necessary to build up the adults in the community as well because they shape the youth as well.

It is my goal to plant a seed in the community that inspires hope, love, togetherness, and pride in this community because I believe that we can all be great. After I have established Ceed as an organization for good, I want to build a community center that will give the kids in the community a safe place to play, grow, learn, and have fun; For the adults to have a safe place to discuss community issues, to learn new skills, and to have a safe place to send their children to.

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